Key conservation issues: splits in the wood - 保存修復上の主要課題:木地の亀裂

Key conservation issues: splits in the wood - 保存修復上の主要課題:木地の亀裂

This image shows the split along the left hand side of the lid of the Mazarin Chest. Splits in the lid were caused by a combination of the construction method used to make the wooden carcase and fluctuations in relative humidity (RH).


Wood expands and contracts in response to changes in RH. The greater the frequency and the greater the range that RH fluctuates, the more the wood moves in response. However, wood only expands and contracts across the grain, not along it. The boards across the middle of the lid shrink and expand from front to back, whilst the cleats (hashibami) attached along their ends do not. The split along the joint line between the boards and cleats is the result of this differential movement in the wooden substrate.


This image also shows the broken and degraded old gesso (a mixture of animal glue and chalk powder) fills around the corner mount, with associated overpaint covering the original surface.