Christmas card, Anonymous

Christmas card, Anonymous

For Freedom, Hearth and Home
Christmas card
Lithograph with cut paperwork borders and pink cord
Museum no. E.263-1952

Cover: Cat seated by a fireplace with a kettle over the flames.

The inside of the card reads
"'Sweet Remembrances for the Past.
Kind Thoughts for the Present
Good Wishes for the Future'

Xmas 1914
And every Good Wish
Christmas and New Year.
The Misses Manton
30 Frederick Street

Though war would seem to be totally opposed to the spirit of goodwill, generosity and peace promoted at Christmas, the number of Christmas cards sent increased dramatically during the First and Second World Wars. Soldiers were separated from families and friends - many never returned home - and the emphasis on the joy and goodness of Christmas became all the more pronounced. A number of wartime greetings focused on warm scenes of hearth and home like those the soldiers were missing. These same scenes were just as nostalgic for wives, children and elderly people coping with discomforts of scarcity and rationing at home. Another popular them for wartime cards was the use of simple symbols such as flags to convey a sense of pride in one's country.

This card can be found in Print Room Box 3.