Life Story, Diverse Stitch

Life Story, Diverse Stitch

Life Story
Diverse Stitch, Nelson
Co-ordinated by Mid-Pennine Arts, Burnley, Lancashire

Group Statement:

'Our group is made up of women from various cultures. It became clear that our central theme was how women's lives follow a similar pattern no matter what their cultural background. This is shown in the panel with the life journey beginning at birth, represented by the pregnant woman and next to her a woman holding a baby....'


Shamin Akhtar, Helen Ali, Lyn Caldwell, Ruth Haworth, Julia Hogan, Jeni Keiller, Yinghua Lin, Pat Moore, Sarah Neville, Tasleem Taj

Group Leaders and Artists:

Jacky Riddell, Caroline Slifkin

Themes and Symbols:

Birth, Marriage, Life

Textile Techniques:



Scroll painting, Narrative paintings, Tiles