Nowhere to Run, Kanwal Girls' Group

Nowhere to Run, Kanwal Girls' Group

Nowhere to Run
Kanwal Girls' Group
Co-ordinated by Mid-Pennine Arts, Burnley, Lancashire

Group Statement:

'The Kanwal Group’s piece became about the destruction of civilisation and culture of agents of war - represented by guns, helicopters and explosions and flames featured in the border as well as the main panel. Images came from media and reference books. Culture is represented by pots on the right side of the hanging, one of which is broken. The small mihrab shapes contain representations of families, peace, agriculture and food. The bottom sections represent the broken remnants and the debris of war with the whirlpool sucking lost security into its depths.' Group Leader


Jayna Begum, Jusna Begum, Mumtaz Begum, Najma Begum, Sabia Begum, Shabana Begum, Shefa Begum, Nasreen Hassan, Kuky Jalil, Hinna Janjua, Laila Khan, Lubria Khan, Rana Khanom, Jahanara Khatun, Rehanara Khatun, Soyedun Nessa, Yarun Nessa, Rubia Parveen, Farzana Qader, Abida Rafique, Anwara Shahid

Group Leaders and Artists:

Liz Rayton, Jacky Riddell

Themes and Symbols:

Peace, War, Fear

Textile Techniques:

Embroidery, Mixed-media


Mihrab shapes, Pots