Building works in progress

Building works in progress

Laura Saffill

Laura Saffill, Sackler Centre Project Co-ordinator

I joined the project half-way through as Project Co-ordinator in May 2006 so had lots of catching up to do. It's my job to liaise between the Project Team, Project Manager and various stakeholders across the Museum. Co-ordinating the removal and later installation of objects, project photography and signage are just a few of my responsibilities.

Construction began early this year and will take 46 weeks to complete. Once complete, an equally busy phase will begin, fitting out the centre with IT and audio-visual equipment, furniture, object displays and many other essential pieces of equipment. I'm currently working on an installation programme which breaks down these various elements, culminating in a testing and piloting period prior to opening in spring 2008.

A key feature of the new Sackler Centre will be its Auditorium. This will be capable of seating approximately 150, for conferences, courses and performances. Construction of this space has begun with large pieces of steel being installed. These steels will support the auditorium and enable the existing floor beneath to be removed. Once the floor has been removed, construction can begin on the new staircase that will provide access to the auditorium. I visited the site this morning with our photographer to capture these steels for our project record and was amazed by their size! Photos will be taken regularly throughout the life of the project, giving us a record of the changes being made to the building structure.