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Featuring works from pre-independent India to the present day, Cinema India: The Art of Bollywood charts the historical, political and cultural changes experienced by the country, as seen through the eyes of the Indian film industry.

The exhibition brings together some of the most remarkable examples of Indian cinema art. From large-scale hoardings and posters, to photo cards, booklets and original film trailers, the exhibition will display landmark images and explore major themes which outline the stylistic and historic development of Indian cinema. Posters from many classic films are represented: the Oscar nominated epic Mother India; Sholay (with its distinctive and influential typography) and recent blockbusters such as Lagaan and K3G.

Poster for the film 'Kagaz ke Phool' (1959), Museum no. IS.97-1986

The extraordinary talent of the hoarding artist is also celebrated. As part of the exhibition, hoarding artists from India have been specially commissioned to demonstrate their unique art. Three works will be hand-painted on site at the V&A providing a rare opportunity to see this fascinating technique first-hand. Visit the events page to find out more.

You can also click here (high resolution) or here (low resolution) to see a short video of Cinema Hoarding Painting online.

You will need Windows Media Player to view these video clips. You can download it by clicking here.

Cinema Hoardings: The Painter's technique
Artists: Balkrishna Arts
Date: Summer 2002
Film Director: Adrian Cooper
Copyright: V&A and Adrian Cooper

The exhibition also highlights the work of contemporary artists who have commented on or been influenced by Bollywood and its imagery, these include Catherine Yass, Gulam Mohammed Sheikh, Annu Palakunnathu Matthew and Adam Bartos.

Hoarding painter working at 'Satish Art Home' in downtown Mumbai. Photograph by Adrian Cooper
The British Film Institute presents Imagineasia
Right: Hoarding painter working at 'Satish Art Home' in downtown Mumbai. Photograph by Adrian Cooper
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