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The exhibition, The Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms, held at the V&A in 1999, is but one manifestation of the increasing recognition of the wealth of cultural and artistic achievements of the Indian sub-continent. Explore this website to learn about the content of this exhibition, the public response, the participation and support of the Sikh community and how this relationship has been sustained through other initiatives including the Sikh Arts and Heritage lecture series.

Learn more about the Asian collections as they relate to the Panjab, the homeland of the Sikhs, including the rich art and craft traditions of wood carving and textiles and highlight objects such as the Golden Throne and the Akali turban. Be inspired by prints and paintings from the Panjab and take part
in the online story writing activity.

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'A Sikh' from 'Costumes of the People of India' by Captain W. W. Hooper and Surgeon G. Western, 1860-70. Albumen print, Museum no. 0932:5