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Unravelling Couture Culture

16 - 17 November

A two-day interdisciplinary conference exploring the World of Couture in Paris and London between 1947 and 1957.

£53 for one day, £102 for two days, concessions available

Specific Topics Include:

The relationship between Paris and London; the work of Norman Hartnoll, Christian Dior, John Cavanagh, and the House of Lachasse; couturiers and their clients; Vichy textiles; and masculinity and tailoring.

Speakers Include:

  • (Keynote) Alexandra Palmer (Royal Ontario Museum);
  • Beatrice Behlen (Historic Royal Palaces);
  • Chris Breward (V&A);
  • Edwina Ehrmann (Museum of London);
  • Amy de La Haye (London College of Fashion);
  • Jane Hattrick (University of Brighton);
  • Eleri Lynn (V&A);
  • Lesley Miller (V&A);
  • Adelheid Rasche (Berlin);
  • Lindsay Evans Robertson (Costume Society);
  • Lou Taylor (University of Brighton);
  • and Claire Wilcox (V&A, exhibition curator)

Advance Telephone and Online Booking

Activities and events can be booked by telephone on +44 (0)20 7942 2211, or online by visiting Events Booking Online. No booking fee applies for tickets booked by telephone or online.

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