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Couture Podcasts

A series of three short podcasts about the Golden Age of Couture have been produced to accompany this exhibition. The podcasts feature interviews and insights from those involved in the world of couture.

For further information on how to listen to the podcasts see the Help section below.

About the Podcasts

Balenciaga Suits

For the well-dressed woman in the late 1940s and early 50s, the tailored suit was a staple of elegant day-wear. In Paris, none had a greater reputation for making tailored suits than the Spanish-born couturier, Cristobal Balenciaga.

Percy Savage, the Australian born press-officer for the fashion house of Lanvin during the 50s, explains what it was that set Balenciaga apart.

Lady Alexandra - A Couture Client

The V&A has a great collection of dresses made by the French couturier Jacques Fath. They were the gift of one of his favourite clients, Lady Alexandra Dacre.

Lady Alexandra's daughter, Xania Dennen, rembembers her mother's special arrangement with Fath, who was at the time one of the city's most celebrated designers.

New Look Suit - Hardy Amies

The British couturier Hardy Amies combined the grand tradition of British tailoring with a Parisian flair for the latest style. But he never lost sight of a particularly British attitude to couture.

Ian Garlant, today's Chief designer at Hardy Amies, explains how this relates to to cultural history.


There are three ways to listen to these podcasts:

  1. If you have iTunes installed you can go straight to this podcast in the iTunes podcast directory. You can download iTunes for free from the Apple website
  2. If you use other podcasting software, copy and paste this url to subscribe: http://feeds.vam.ac.uk/vam-podcasts
  3. You can also listen to each episode online, without subscribing, at http://feeds.vam.ac.uk/vam-podcasts. Click on the 'Media Enclosure' link to play an episode

There is more information about podcasts and how to listen to them on www.vam.ac.uk

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