5 October 2006 -
7 January 2007

At Home in Renaissance Italy


This list of ten books is an introduction to reading about the Renaissance in Italy and it's impact on art and the domestic interior. A much more comprehensive list of titles is available here as a downloadable PDF.

Brown, P. F., 'Private Lives in Renaissance Venice: Art, Architecture and the Family' (New Haven and London, 2004)

Clarke, G., Roman House - 'Renaissance Palaces: Inventing Antiquity in Fifteenth-Century Italy' (Cambridge, 2003)

Goldthwaite, R. A., 'Wealth and the Demand for Art in Italy 1300 - 1600' (Baltimore and London, 1993)

Klapisch-Zuber, C., 'Women, Family and Ritual in Renaissance Italy' (Chicago and London, 1985)

Musacchio, J. M., 'The Art and Ritual of Childbirth in Renaissance Italy' (London and New Haven, 1999)

Sarti, R., 'Europe at Home. Family and Material Culture 1500 - 1800' (New Haven and London, 2002)

Scotti Tosini, A. ed., 'Aspetti dell'abitare in Italia tra XV e XVI secolo. Distribuzione, funzioni, impianti' (Milan, 2001)

Syson, L. and Thornton, D., 'Objects of Virtue: Art in Renaissance Italy' (London, 2001)

Thornton, D., 'The Scholar in his Study: Ownership and Experience in Renaissance Italy' (New Haven and London, 1997)

Thornton, P., 'The Italian Renaissance Interior: 1400 - 1600' (London and New York, 1991)

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