5 October 2006 -
7 January 2007

At Home in Renaissance Italy

Box for toilet articles

This is a 360-degrees QTVR of a Renaissance toiletries box.

Click your mouse pointer within the image, hold the left mouse button down
and drag left or right to rotate the object.

During the 16th century furnishings associated with beauty became more complex, as shown by the ornate form and decoration of this casket. Used to keep jewellery, cosmetics and other precious items, caskets are often depicted in scenes of Venus at her toilette.

Box for toilet articles
1575-1600, Venice
Softwood, painted and gilded, with veneers inset with mother-of-pearl plaques; bronze handles; inside a glass mirror; lined with later red velvet. With an unidentified coat of arms.
V&A: 7901-1861