5 October 2006 -
7 January 2007

At Home in Renaissance Italy


This is a 360-degrees QTVR of a Renaissance cruet.

Click your mouse pointer within the image, hold the left mouse button down
and drag left or right to rotate the object.

For festive occasions the best ceramic tableware would be used. Condiments such as oil might also be placed in decorative containers. This cruet, with the arms of the Salviati family of Florence, belongs to a set typical of the earthenware dining services fashionable in the first half of the 16th century. Only six pieces have survived from the set, but Salviati commissioned sets of up to 300 pieces.

Cruet with the arms of the Salviati Family of Florence
Dated 1531, Faenza
Tin-glazed earthenware; painted on blue-tinted ground called 'berettino'
Inscribed in Italian, 'Oil'
V&A: C.2123-1910