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Met Katie, a placement student who will be doing some cutting experimentation for me, she was always one of my star students and is taking a year out to develop her technical skills. Gave her some Vionnet stuff to look at, as I am interested in working out some of her more strange techniques for myself. Katie will prepare some mini toiles for me to see how techniques can be grown into the label’s cutting philosophy. As I recall my initial intention was to understand and construct a collection of garments, which, although simple, wearable and comfortable, should encapsulate techniques of the old cutting masters in completely new ways to develop my own cutting confidence.
Gave a talk at St Martins to year one MA students, got a chance to catch up with Louise Wilson and Toni Tester at the college. Just a fortnight before, I had been in to see Louise and one of my ex-student work placement students Daisuke now in year two on the MA, when I had flashbacks of the energy and panic stations of my own time there. I always admired Louise and what she does for that place. What strength and commitment she has. Talk went well, quicker than I imagined after which I dispensed my pearls of wisdom to a bemused looking bunch.

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