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Briefly met with Christina who will be helping me to outsource the obsessive ‘makers’ that I am after: people with skills in crochet, knit, embroidery, smocking, stumpwork, redundant and strange crafts that are slowly becoming less and less popular. Hoping to incorporate some of their handwork into the creation of exciting new garments.

Met with Clare, another Clare who will be getting the web blog sorted… Also got a quick word in with Claire Wilcox, who introduced me briefly to the CIS (the computerised archiving system) and advised me on my upcoming archive visits. She is also off to Germany for the Dusseldorf opening of the touring Vivienne Westwood exhibition. Not had too much contact with Clare because of her busy schedule and involvement with the Castelbajac, but hope to catch her again soon. Flying to Berlin in an hour or so.
Image for ideal exhibition

Berlin: Cold, but what an amazing city. The exhibition lasted for 3 days, but what a wonderful location (Cafe Moscow) in the former eastern sector of the city. For 3 days saw little except the formidable city’s east, explored a little in the evenings, but we should get some time to explore once the exhibition is complete. Met buyers and press people in Berlin, as well as some designers who I have met before and whose work I admire, namely Wendy & Jim (really called Helga and Hermann), and met some other great designers. Had the good fortune of meeting Dianne Pernet, spoke with her for some time. The rest of our stay in Berlin was amazing, what a wonderful place. Met some old friends, saw exhibitions, enjoyed late socialising European style. What a lively and enjoyable city. On the last day went to watch a fashion show at my ex student’s university, Derya will be coming to help me to realise some patterns etc in a couple of weeks.

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