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Studio. Some excellent progress. Somehow I feel like I have rationalised the idea of the jacket as a hard outer container for softer shapes contained within. I think this began after looking at the fruit wrappers. I am excited also by the prospect of the large and clumsy shapes being influenced by a hard graphic, which also seems to have some from exposure to the fruit wrappers and the graphic nature of the Charles James marked up toiles. I like that the jackets are looking rather boxy but at the same time draw on unconventional cutting. For example none have conventional sleeve holes. I am enjoying the idea that the outerwear pieces might draw on rather aggressive detailing such as detailing on the leather biker’s jackets. Not sure how I can rationalise this yet, but David has had some exciting ideas about the direction of the work. As my business partner and creative director behind the future label, I will chat later to discuss this possibility with him.

Tomorrow I will be looking at Vionnet’s cutting techniques about which I already am well versed due to my ongoing curiosity about her cutting. It will be excellent to see some Vionnet pieces for myself. I am rather excited.

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