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Have decided to take Derya to the modern stores today to help me to photograph pieces etc. Vicky chaperoned us. The first time I had been in the stores with Vicky, I asked which pieces were most frequently requested and she mentioned that she had shown the Dior bar suit most often to members of the public.
Dior Suit
Not wanting to risk losing out more than anything I decided to view this ensemble first. I felt the way I felt the first time I had ever seen the ‘Mona Lisa’: in awe and here I was handling this magnificent famous piece of fashion. I know that Derya felt the same. We measured up the piece for future reference.
Dior Suit
We continued to another jacket, which Dior created that same year - a grey woollen jacket with oddly concealed seams and pockets and a most interesting collar. Continued in the store looking at an Ascher piece featuring a commissioned print by Feliks Topolski, as well as a Lanvin georgette dress with leather surface embellishment.
Collar detail of Dior Suit
That afternoon (with Kate as our guide) I decided to look at some Baroque pieces in the fabric stores. Studied the surface embellishment on these pieces, which made me realise the importance of the surface in my own work, something which I often overlook in favour of the pattern or style lines. Later that afternoon we continued looking at haberdashery items, 18th century shoes and hats.

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