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Studio. Following a lot of discussion over the weekend and brainstorming, I think that everything has slotted into place conceptually. We are interested in the idea of subverting the frill. Wrote sketchbook entry: “The purpose of the frill: To decorate the already made structure. To form part of the structure. The frill tries to become structure, but struggles. The frill should subvert itself and its use as decoration: for example a frill may have its own frill. A frill may be part of a functional part, but also may hint at a function: a collar, a pocket, a may or may not operate… The purpose of print: To enhance structure. To defy structure.” This now forms the basis for the entire collection. Also been toying with the idea of the maker’s mark – am interested in the marks left by different processes in the making, the journey of each piece. This idea came from looking at porcelain at the very start of the residency. Still not entirely sure of the nature of the print, but still feel that seeing the bizarre silks may have some subliminal effect on the end product.

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