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21/3/06 – 24/3/06

David has set me a deadline for Saturday to edit, complete and refine all elements of the sketchbook and pull together all the design work so that we can begin to finalise fabric requirements, orders etc. I need to go through all the toiles made so far and resolve which ones work best, how to take some further etc. I need to submit my expenses to the V&A by the 28th, so really need to calculate all expenses before then. Tuesday – spent the day in the archives with Kate in the morning and Antonia in the afternoon. This time I went in search of items within the flat-packed section of the archive. Saw a Kansai Yamamoto piece that I have been interested in since I first spotted it in the acquisition albums at the start of the residency, a jumpsuit.
Half of the Kansai jumpsuit
The jumpsuit consists of 2 sides brought together by a zipper that closes the garment around the crotch, centre front and centre back. Kansai was the designer responsible for David Bowie’s elaborate stage costumes in the Seventies. Also saw a simple, cleverly engineered Lanvin piece consisting of silk chiffon with brick-like radiating panels applied to its surface. Also saw another Poiret piece, a delicate opera coat with metallic tassels and fastenings. Drew some patterns for some of the more interesting pieces and analysed some internal construction. Spent Thursday and Friday editing the collection and resolving the overall designs.
Resolving toiles in the studios

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