Over the duration of the exhibition we will be publishing podcasts featuring designers, art historians and curators discussing the Korda image of Che.

These discussions are included as part of the V&A's regular monthly museum podcast. This series features discussions about V&A exhibitions, objects and events by museum staff, the wider creative community and members of the public.

Zoe Whitley is Curator of Contemporary Programmes at the V&A. She served as Project Manager for the Che Guevara exhibition and is curator of Friday Late Cuba. Her primary area of interest is the cultural politics of art and design.
David Crowley is a historian teaching at the Royal College of Art. He writes about the relations of art and design to politics. Currently, he is co-curating future V&A exhibition 'Cold War Modern: Art and Design in a Divided World, 1945-1975.'
Nick Bell is the Director of Nick Bell Design Ltd. He was creative director of Eye, the highly influential international review of graphic design from 1997 to 2005. He is now Special Consultant and occasional contributor to the magazine. His experience on Eye has enabled him to develop a more curatorial method of editorial design - one he has adapted very successfully for the design of exhibitions. His studio designed the graphics for the Che Guevara: Revolutionary and Icon exhibition, having already designed the V&A publication that accompanies the show.
Chas Bayfield has a background in commerical advertising and has created numerous poster campaigns for the Churches Advertising Network, including two featured in the exhibition. He is also editor of www.idea-a-day.com, songwriter and founding member of rock band The Playboys.
Tony Allen was one of the original 'alternative comedians' and founded the Alternative Cabaret with Alexei Sayle in 1979. He is a tutor, performer and comedian and has been Artistic Director of New Agenda ArtsTrust since 1995. Along with colleague Ofar Quarson and others, he runs the website anyoldicon.com, promoting irreverent manipulations of iconic images including the Margeret Thatcher / Che Guevara composite - ThatChe.
Gavin Turk is one of Britain's foremost contemporary artists. His sculptures, prints and paintings challenge traditional notions of authenticity and originality. The works often reference other iconic art historical images and canonical artists. He has had a sustained engagement in particular with Korda's image of Che Guevara since 1998.