13 November 2007 - 17 February 2008

A V&A and Crafts Council exhibition

Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft

The Exhibition

Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft brings together the work of eight contemporary artists who place craft at the heart of their practice: Olu Amoda, Catherine Bertola, Annie Cattrell, Susan Collis, Naomi Filmer, Lu Shengzhong, Yoshihiro Suda and Anne Wilson.

Collectively these artists use a diverse range of traditional and new technologies, from carving, sewing, welding to animation and laser etching. Working with exceptional skill and attention to detail, they use ordinary materials - paper, thread, dust and nails - to make works that are both intricate and large in scale.

All the artists are preoccupied with the everyday as a subject. Mundane or familiar things, like a paint splatter on a dust sheet, a human breath or a weed pushing up through a crack, are presented in playful and unexpected ways. Look closely or you might miss them!

Together, these eight artists suggest new directions for the handmade in the 21st century. They have found ways to transform the ordinary into artworks that are truly extraordinary.

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Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft book cover
Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft

Edited by Laurie Britton Newell with essays by Glenn Adamson and Tanya Harrod.

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