Here you will find a number of ideas for activities that you can use with your class in the British Galleries. The suggested activities focus on History and Art and Design but contain cross-curricular elements. Each is structured in such a way as to provide ideas for preparation work at school, activities to do in the Museum and follow-up work in the classroom. The activities can be adapted for both primary and secondary school pupils.

Downloadable worksheets relating to each task are available on this site to help pupils record information in the Museum. Each programme of work also includes supporting historical and art historical information and associated images.






Worksheet Title Key Stage View
Design and Nature KS1 View Programme
Then and Now KS1 View Programme
Pattern and Shape KS2 (years 3 & 4) View Programme
Life in Tudor and Stuart Times KS2 View Programme
Victorian Home Life KS2 View Programme
The Tudor Court KS2 View Programme
The Great Exhibition KS2 View Programme
Influences from Other Cultures KS3 View Programme
Embroidering the Past KS3 & KS4 View Programme

The supporting information for the programmes of work has been taken from these two publications.

Design and the Decorative Arts - Britain 1500-1900 by Michael Snodin and John Styles "Design and the Decorative Arts - Britain 1500-1900"
Michael Snodin and
John Styles
Price £45
  The British Galleries 1500-1900 by Dinah Winch "The British Galleries 1500-1900"
Dinah Winch
Price £4.95

Both books are available from the V&A Shop