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Introduction and summary description


Scope and content



Detailed catalogue

Design and production papers

Sketchbooks, [ca.1935-ca.1960]

Production and operation papers, [ca.1927]-1967

Spondon Fashion Show 1952, 1952

Photographs, [ca.1950s]

Celanese catalogues and price lists, 1885-1953

Celanese shade books, [ca. 1924]

Surveys and design reports

Design sketches, 1964-[ca. 1966]

Painted designs, [n.d.]

Surveys of nightwear and lingerie, [ca. 1966-1967]

Designers' reports, 1965 Feb 17-1967 Feb

Designs, sketches and patterns, 1964-1967

Sizing surveys, [ca.1962]-[ca.1963]

Study of other designers, [n.d.]

Publications, lectures and written material

Articles, 1943 Dec-1951 Dec

Lectures, [ca.1960s]

Displays, [ca.1950]-[ca.1967]

Display indicators, [196-]

Production of modern lingerie book - unpublished, [ca. 1951]

Sketches, [1951?]

Correspondence concerning M.Marene's Production of modern lingerie book, [1951?]

Catalogues of prints, [196-]

Reference material

Advertising, 1954-1966 May 20

Newspapers, 1950 Jan -1959 Oct 11

Scrapbooks, [1900-ca. 1955]

Other designers, [n.d.]

Fabric samples, [n.d.]

Advertising photographs, [n.d.]

Reports, 1961 June 9

Publications and brochures, 1896 Oct 3-[ca. 1974]