Arts Council of Great Britain: records, 1928-1997

Series description

Series title: Finance Department: Offer Letters, 1965-1994
Reference: ACGB/2
Extent: 130 items

Scope and content

This series consists of files of the letters offering grants and other funding that were sent by the Arts Council to its clients. Each file contains the letters which relate to a particular area or areas of the arts, e.g., Dance, Music, Theatre Writing, etc.

The items in this series are arranged chronologically.


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Restrictions on access

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Detailed catalogue

Reference Description Dates
ACGB/2/70 Art 1965-1966
ACGB/2/72 Drama 1965-1966
ACGB/2/68 Housing the Arts 1965-1966
ACGB/2/69 Miscellaneous including Arts Festivals, Associations, Centres and Clubs, National Manuscript Collection, Poetry and Welsh and Scottish Committee 1965-1966
ACGB/2/71 Music 1965-1966
ACGB/2/129 Art 1966-1967
ACGB/2/128 Awards to Living Artists 1966-1967
ACGB/2/130 Literature 1966-1967
ACGB/2/127 Music; Opera and Ballet 1966-1967
ACGB/2/91 Drama 1981-1982
ACGB/2/90 Drama 1981-1982
ACGB/2/97 Literature 1981-1982
ACGB/2/84 Theatre Writing 1981-1982
ACGB/2/86 Touring; Organisations 1981-1982
ACGB/2/115 Drama - Building Based and Nationals 1982-1983
ACGB/2/95 Drama - Non-Building Based 1982-1983
ACGB/2/93 Drama Projects and Special Inititatives 1982-1983
ACGB/2/96 Literature 1982-1983
ACGB/2/76 Music Corporate Bodies 1982-1983
ACGB/2/75 Music Corporate Bodies; Concerts; Opera; Orchestra 1982-1983
ACGB/2/77 Theatre Writing 1982-1983
ACGB/2/104 Touring; Organisations 1982-1983
ACGB/2/78 Drama - Building Based 1983-1984
ACGB/2/114 Drama - Non-Building Based 1983-1984
ACGB/2/108 Drama Projects 1983-1984
ACGB/2/105 Literature 1983-1984
ACGB/2/112 Theatre Writing 1983-1984
ACGB/2/111 Organisations; Touring 1983-1984
ACGB/2/62 Training 1983-1986
ACGB/2/120 Housing the Arts 1983-1988
ACGB/2/116 Drama - Building and Non-Building Based 1984-1985
ACGB/2/113 Literature 1984-1985
ACGB/2/7 Project Clients (A-H) 1984-1985
ACGB/2/3 Project Clients (I-Z) 1984-1985
ACGB/2/4 Regional Arts Associations 1984-1985
ACGB/2/106 Theatre Writing 1984-1985
ACGB/2/107 Organisations; Touring 1984-1985
ACGB/2/94 Drama Projects 1984-1986
ACGB/2/103 Drama - Building and Non-Building Based 1985-1986
ACGB/2/10 Project Clients 1985-1986
ACGB/2/9 Regional Arts Associations 1985-1986
ACGB/2/98 Theatre Writing 1985-1986
ACGB/2/85 Touring and Organisations 1985-1986
ACGB/2/118 Dance 1986-1987
ACGB/2/92 Drama 1986-1987
ACGB/2/82 Drama Projects 1986-1987
ACGB/2/87 Literature 1986-1987
ACGB/2/117 Music 1986-1987
ACGB/2/119 Dance 1987-1988
ACGB/2/81 Drama Projects 1987-1988
ACGB/2/121 Music 1987-1988
ACGB/2/8 Project Clients 1987-1988
ACGB/2/2 Regional Arts Associations 1987-1988
ACGB/2/1 Training 1987-1988
ACGB/2/59 Drama 1987-1989
ACGB/2/79 Literature 1987-1989
ACGB/2/80 Theatre Writing 1987-1989
ACGB/2/83 Touring 1987-1989
ACGB/2/89 Drama Projects 1988-1989
ACGB/2/6 Project Clients 1988-1989
ACGB/2/5 Regional Arts Associations/Training 1988-1989
ACGB/2/47 Dance 1989-1990
ACGB/2/58 Drama 1989-1990
ACGB/2/88 Drama Projects and Small Scale Touring 1989-1990
ACGB/2/60 Literature 1989-1990
ACGB/2/48 Regional Arts Associations/Training 1989-1990
ACGB/2/61 Theatre Writing 1989-1990
ACGB/2/43 Visual Arts 1989-1990
ACGB/2/44 Touring 1989-1992
ACGB/2/99 Dance 1990-1991
ACGB/2/110 Drama 1990-1991
ACGB/2/101 Drama Projects 1990-1991
ACGB/2/100 Miscellaneous including Building for the Arts, Carnival '90 and Regional Arts Associations 1990-1991
ACGB/2/109 Miscellaneous including Film & Video, Live Art and Photography 1990-1991
ACGB/2/65 Music 1990-1991
ACGB/2/102 Theatre Writing 1990-1991
ACGB/2/51 Drama 1991-1992
ACGB/2/50 Drama Projects 1991-1992
ACGB/2/18 Bursaries; Film, Video & Broadcasting; Incentive Funding; Traineeships 1991-1992
ACGB/2/20 Literature (A-Z) 1991-1992
ACGB/2/19 Miscellaneous including Arts & Disability, Building for the Arts, Carnival Bands and Planning 1991-1992
ACGB/2/63 Miscellaneous including Arts Strategy Development, Regional Arts Associations and Visual Arts Galleries & Magazines 1991-1992
ACGB/2/64 Miscellaneous including Arts Strategy Development, Regional Arts Associations and Visual Arts Galleries & Magazines 1991-1992
ACGB/2/16 Miscellaneous including Black Visual Arts, Dance - Great Britain Touring Fund, Development, Magazines, Publications and Touring Exhibition 1991-1992
ACGB/2/15 Miscellaneous including Cultural Diversity, New Collaborations Fund, Performance Arts, Photography Education, Photography Publishing, Photography Touring Exhibition and Visual Arts Education 1991-1992
ACGB/2/46 Music and Dance Annual/Revenue Clients 1991-1992
ACGB/2/66 Music and Dance (A-L) 1991-1992
ACGB/2/67 Music and Dance Projects (M-Z) 1991-1992
ACGB/2/123 Theatre Writing 1991-1992
ACGB/2/45 Touring, Music and Dance Theatre 1991-1992
ACGB/2/21 Miscellanoeus including Drama Education, Mime Projects and New Collaborations Fund 1991-1994
ACGB/2/22 Miscellaneous including Drama Projects - Education and GBTF, National Arts and Media Strategy and New Collaborations Fund 1991-1994
ACGB/2/56 Combined Arts; Cultural Diversity; Women in the Arts 1992-1993
ACGB/2/57 Combined Arts; Cultural Diversity; Women in the Arts 1992-1993
ACGB/2/13 Dance 1992-1993
ACGB/2/14 Dance; Film, Video & Broadcasting 1992-1993
ACGB/2/11 Drama 1992-1993
ACGB/2/24 Literature Annual/Revenue Projects (A-F); Arts & Disability Education 1992-1993
ACGB/2/23 Literature Annual/Revenue Projects (G-Z); Arts & Disability Education 1992-1993
ACGB/2/74 Music 1992-1993
ACGB/2/25 Music (A-E) 1992-1993
ACGB/2/36 Music (F-Q) 1992-1993
ACGB/2/17 Music (R-Z) 1992-1993
ACGB/2/27 Touring Annual/Revenue Projects (A-K) 1992-1993
ACGB/2/26 Touring Annual/Revenue Projects (L-Z) 1992-1993
ACGB/2/34 Visual Arts 1992-1993
ACGB/2/35 Visual Arts 1992-1993
ACGB/2/49 Drama Projects 1992-1994
ACGB/2/125 International Initiatives Fund 1992-1994
ACGB/2/52 Theatre Writing 1992-1994
ACGB/2/122 Annual and Revenue Clients 1993-1994
ACGB/2/54 Combined Arts; Multidisciplinary Fund 1993-1994
ACGB/2/53 Drama 1993-1994
ACGB/2/12 Drama Projects (cont.) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/73 Film, Video & Broadcasting; Carnival Bands 1993-1994
ACGB/2/124 Literature 1993-1994
ACGB/2/126 Literature Annual/Revenue Clients 1993-1994
ACGB/2/28 Music (A-C) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/29 Music (D-G) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/39 Music (H-K) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/40 Music (L-N) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/33 Music (O-S) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/32 Music (T-Z) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/30 Music Annual/Revenue Clients (A-N) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/31 Music Annual/Revenue Clients (N-Z) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/38 Touring (A-L) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/37 Touring (M-Z) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/41 Training (A-K) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/42 Training (L-Z) 1993-1994
ACGB/2/55 Visual Arts 1993-1994