Arts Council of Great Britain: records, 1928-1997

Series description

Series title: Secretariat: Signed Council Minutes, 1964-1986
Reference: ACGB/36
Extent: 12 items

Scope and content

This series contains the signed minutes of the meetings of the Arts Council of Great Britain. For earlier minutes of the Council see EL4 and for the minutes of CEMA see EL2.


The items in this series are arranged chronologically.


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Detailed catalogue

Reference Description Dates
ACGB/36/1 Council Minutes: 116th-162nd Meeting
1 volume
Jan 1964 - Jan 1969
ACGB/36/2 Council Minutes: 163rd-190th Meeting
1 volume
Feb 1969 - June 1971
ACGB/36/3 Council Minutes: 191st-206th Meeting
1 volume
July 1971 - Dec 1972
ACGB/36/4 Council Minutes: 207th-220th Meeting
1 volume
Jan 1973 - Mar 1974
ACGB/36/5 Council Minutes: 221st-235th Meeting
1 volume
Apr 1974 - July 1975
ACGB/36/6 Council Minutes: 236th-249th Meeting
1 volume
Sept 1975 -Nov 1976
ACGB/36/7 Council Minutes: 250th-262nd Meeting
1 volume
Jan 1977 - Feb 1978
ACGB/36/8 Council Minutes: 263rd-272nd Meeting
1 volume
Mar 1978 - Mar 1979
ACGB/36/9 Council Minutes: 273rd-282nd Meeting
1 volume
Apr 1979- Mar 1980
ACGB/36/10 Council Minutes: 283rd-290th Meeting; C(81)m1-C83m4
1 volume
Apr 1980 - Mar 1983
ACGB/36/11 Council Minutes: C83m5-C84m12
1 volume
Apr 1983 - Dec 1984
ACGB/36/12 Council Minutes: C85m1-C86m10
1 volume
Jan 1985 - Nov 1986