Arts Council of Great Britain: records, 1928-1997

Series description

Series title: Secretariat: Accommodation Back Files, 1945-1984
Reference: ACGB/47
Extent: 22 items

Scope and content

This series contains papers relating to Arts Council and other premises and Arts Council motor vehicles.

The items in this series have remained in original box number order.


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Restrictions on access

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Detailed catalogue

Reference Description Dates
ACGB/47/3 Box 1: Possible Homes for the Arts Council; 9 Belgrave Square; Emergency HQ for Arts Council; 4 St James's Square - Furniture; 4 St James's Square - Photographs
1 box
ACGB/47/10 Boxes 3 and 4: 4 St James's Square; 5 St James's Square; 7/8 St James's Square
2 boxes
ACGB/47/11 Box 5: 105 Piccadilly
1 box
ACGB/47/18 Boxes 6 and 7: 105 Piccadilly
2 boxes
ACGB/47/21 Box 7b: Out-dated Maintenance Contracts
1 file
ACGB/47/22 Box 7b: Correspondence re. Bridge Link
1 file
ACGB/47/20 Box 7b: 1/4 Yarmouth Place
2 files
ACGB/47/16 Box 8: 8/9 Long Acre
1 box
ACGB/47/4 Box 8a: 9 Long Acre
1 box
ACGB/47/7 Box 9: Cambridge Art Gallery; Holst House, Museum Place, Cardiff; 29 Exhibition Rd; West Horsley Place
1 box
ACGB/47/13 Box 10: Hayward Gallery
1 box
ACGB/47/5 Box 11: Standard House, Northumberland Ave; Serpentine Gallery
1 box
ACGB/47/1 Boxes 12, 12a-b: Wigmore Hall
2 boxes
ACGB/47/17 Box 13: Arts Council Shop
1 box
ACGB/47/15 Boxes 14, 15, 16, 17, 17a-b: Covent Garden: Royal Opera House Extension Lands; Covent Garden: Archer Building
5 boxes
ACGB/47/14 Box 18: Covent Garden: Royal Opera House Extension Lands
1 box
ACGB/47/8 Box 19: 19 King Edward's Walk; Buckingham Gate; Welsh Arts Council; G.P.O. Telephones; Internal Telephones; Art Films
1 box
ACGB/47/2 Box 20: Publications Warehouse
1 box
ACGB/47/12 Box 21: Insurance/Indemnity
1 box
ACGB/47/6 Box 22: Vehicle Licences, Test Certificates & Log Books; Motors & Vans
1 box
ACGB/47/9 Box 23, 23b: Staff Restaurant
1 box
ACGB/47/19 Box 24: Health & Safety
2 files