Arts Council of Great Britain: records, 1928-1997

Series description

Series title: Financial Controller's Files, 1967-1995
Reference: ACGB/8
Extent: 68 items


Peter Greig was made Financial Controller of the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1991. He worked under Lew Hodges who was Finance Director at that time.

Scope and content

This series contains files that were found in wrappers marked, either, "Peter Greig's", or, "Stuff from Peter Greig's Old Cupboard". They consist of: budgets, carry forwards and accounts; subject-based files, e.g. Wilding Report, SAC/WAC Independence, and National Arts and Media Strategy; and a number of reports and publications including copies of the Arts Council's Charter and 'The Glory in the Garden'.

The items in this series are arranged chronologically.


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Detailed catalogue

Reference Description Dates
ACGB/8/50 The Charter of Incorporation granted by Her Majesty the Queen to The Arts Council of Great Britain 1967
ACGB/8/60 Banking Supervision 1980-1988
ACGB/8/35 Coutts Correspondence 1981-1986
ACGB/8/16 Arts Council Collection 1983-1990
ACGB/8/51 The Glory of the Garden: The Development of the Arts in England 1984
ACGB/8/49 The Supplemental Charter of Incorporation granted by Her Majesty the Queen to The Arts Council of Great Britain 1985
ACGB/8/19 Welsh Arts Council 1985-1987
ACGB/8/45 Abolition [of the Greater London Council and Metropolitan Counties] 1986
ACGB/8/44 Arts Council Trust for Special Funds 1986
ACGB/8/64 Annual Reports 1987
ACGB/8/38 Banking Act 1987 1987
ACGB/8/10 Evaluation 1987
ACGB/8/39 The Financial Services Act 1986: A guide to the Act and the issues for management 1987
ACGB/8/7 Helm Report 1987
ACGB/8/65 Policy & Finance Committee Meetings 1987
ACGB/8/6 Regional Directorate 1987
ACGB/8/14 Enquiries 1987-1988
ACGB/8/30 Final Accounts 1987/8 1987-1988
ACGB/8/48 Grant Administration Supplement 1987-1988
ACGB/8/62 RAAs [Regional Art Associations] 1987-1988
ACGB/8/8 Research 1987-1988
ACGB/8/9 Sponsorship 1987-1988
ACGB/8/61 Accounts 1987-1989
ACGB/8/34 Council Members 1987-1989
ACGB/8/31 EMA - Review Working Papers 1987-1989
ACGB/8/15 Management Accounts 1987-1989
ACGB/8/13 Minutes to Directors 1987-1989
ACGB/8/3 Computers 1987-1992
ACGB/8/29 Conditions of Financial Assistance 1988
ACGB/8/36 Newchurch & Co 1988
ACGB/8/59 Pricing at Arts Centres in Wales 1988
ACGB/8/40 Proposal for The Preparation of Case Studies on four successful Arts Organisations 1988
ACGB/8/5 Arts Council Premises 1988-1989
ACGB/8/4 Coopers & Lybrand 1988-1989
ACGB/8/33 Grant Administration Supplement 1988-1989
ACGB/8/58 Stepping Forward: Some suggestions for the development of dance in England during the 1990's 1989
ACGB/8/18 NAB GMS System 1989-1990
ACGB/8/66 Wilding Report 1989-1990
ACGB/8/57 Briefing Notes on the Organisation of Culture in EEC Countries 1990
ACGB/8/52 Report on Research into Friends and Members Schemes 1990
ACGB/8/56 Who Does What in Europe?: An introduction to the cultural role and policies of the European Community, Council of Europe, UNESCO and other pan-European institutions, and the scope they provide as sources of finance 1990
ACGB/8/25 Dance Applications 10 Awards 1990-1991
ACGB/8/12 Great Peter Street 1990-1991
ACGB/8/20 RAA Financial Estimates 1990-1991
ACGB/8/63 Planning Issues 1990-1992
ACGB/8/46 Briefings 1990-1994
ACGB/8/54 Upstart Productions 1990-1994
ACGB/8/26 Arts Council Trust for Special Funds. Applications & Advert 1991
ACGB/8/1 Bank Accounts 1991
ACGB/8/2 Arts & Broadcasting Conference (Early Papers re. Birmingham Venue) 1991-1992
ACGB/8/17 Carry Forwards 1991-1993
ACGB/8/32 Education Task Force 1991-1993
ACGB/8/22 Finance Officers Meetings 1991-1993
ACGB/8/53 Arts & Broadcasting Conference Brighton 27-29.10.92 1992
ACGB/8/41 GMS Working Papers 1992
ACGB/8/21 National Arts and Media Stategy 1992
ACGB/8/23 National Arts and Media Stategy 1992
ACGB/8/42 Budget 92/93 1992-1993
ACGB/8/47 Budget 93/94 1992-1993
ACGB/8/67 Conference: Other 1992-1993
ACGB/8/37 Carry Forwards 1992-1994
ACGB/8/11 Finance & Resources Division Meeting 1992-1994
ACGB/8/28 Projects and Schemes 1992-1994
ACGB/8/24 SAC [Scottish Arts Council]/ WAC [Welsh Arts Council] Independence 1992-1994
ACGB/8/43 Accounts 31.3.93 1993
ACGB/8/68 Budget 1993
ACGB/8/55 Report on the Initiative to Increase the Employment of Disabled People in the Arts 1993
ACGB/8/27 External Relations Grants 1993-1995