Arts Council of Great Britain: records, 1928-1997

Series description

Series title: Finance Department: Client Administration Files, 1980-1996
Reference: ACGB/9
Extent: 171 items

Scope and content

This series consists of an artificial grouping of files which all appear to have belonged to various Grants and Subsidy Officers, such as Jennifer Oakley, Lyn Gathercole and Sonia Dressekie. They mainly contain papers relating to the administration of subsidy expenditure and client's grants; such as estimates, budgets and proformas, cash files containing schedules of payments, old balances, invoices for the grant administration charge, details of controllable funds, subsidy payment requisition forms and some offer letters.

There are also a number of files relating to the financial administration of the Asian and African Music Touring Circuits, the Literature and Music Advisory Panels and the Women in the Arts Task Force.

The items in this series have been arranged chronologically.


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Restrictions on access

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Detailed catalogue

Reference Description Dates
ACGB/9/170 Touring: Spreadsheets and Balances 1980s
ACGB/9/114 [Subsidy Withdrawal/Reduction Letters] 1980-1985
ACGB/9/123 Community Arts Financial Information 1982-1985
ACGB/9/157 [Training Schemes: Miscellaneous] 1982-1987
ACGB/9/105 Art Annual Clients Financial Information 1983-1985
ACGB/9/104 Art Annual Clients Estimates 85/86 1984
ACGB/9/124 Estimates 85/86: Combined Arts 1984
ACGB/9/121 Arts Centres Financial Information 1984-1985
ACGB/9/122 Community Arts Financial Information 1984-1985
ACGB/9/46 Kent Opera (All Files) to Liquidation 1984-1992
ACGB/9/118 Cash Flow Estimates (Clients) 1985
ACGB/9/112 Music Responses 1986/87 1985
ACGB/9/110 Responses 1986/87 1985
ACGB/9/21 Literature Panel 1985-1991
ACGB/9/149 Estimates: Building-Based Devolved and Non-Building-Based 1986
ACGB/9/106 Intimation Letters 1986
ACGB/9/154 Intimation Letters: Annual Clients Music and Dance 1986
ACGB/9/95 V.A.T. 1986
ACGB/9/108 Artsadmin 1986-1987
ACGB/9/120 Controllable Funds: Art, Combined Arts, Artists Film and Video, Training 1986-1987
ACGB/9/148 Easyplan Worksheets 1986-1987
ACGB/9/142 Education - General 1986-1987
ACGB/9/155 London Orchestras Working Party plus 1988/89 Division of Grant 1986-1987
ACGB/9/109 Lyn's General File 1986-1988
ACGB/9/15 Music/Dance Journal Vouchers 1986-1988
ACGB/9/103 C[ontemporary] M[usic] N[etwork] 1986/87 1986-1989
ACGB/9/43 Subsidy Payment Requisitions Dance and Music 1986-1989
ACGB/9/130 Education Matrical Team 1986-1990
ACGB/9/3 Miscellaneous Filing 1986-1990
ACGB/9/93 Old Balances 1986-1991
ACGB/9/94 Settled Grants - Dance and Visual Arts 1986-1992
ACGB/9/161 [Guard File General Correspondence] July 1987 - Aug 1987
ACGB/9/162 [Guard File General Correspondence] Sept 1987 - Oct 1987
ACGB/9/163 [Guard File General Correspondence] Nov 1987 - Dec 1987
ACGB/9/119 End of Year Accounts (Subsidy) 1986/87 1987
ACGB/9/97 Regional Analysis 1987
ACGB/9/10 Royal London Philharmonic Society Appraisal
See also ACGB/23.
ACGB/9/101 Art: Officers Meetings, Reserved, A.P.C., Art Panel and Controllable Funds
This item contains some Art Officers' meetings minutes See also ACGB/16.
ACGB/9/158 Touring: Miscellaneous
This item contains some Touring Officers' meetings minutes See also ACGB/16.
ACGB/9/140 Education - General 1987-1989
ACGB/9/96 Monstrous Regiment Appraisal
See also ACGB/23.
ACGB/9/92 Cash 1987-1991
ACGB/9/164 [Guard File General Correspondence] Jan 1988
ACGB/9/111 Allocations/Nominal Codes 1988/89 1988
ACGB/9/39 Cash File Music and Dance Annual and Revenue Clients 1988-1989
ACGB/9/153 Controllable Funds: Touring 1988-1989
ACGB/9/107 Intimation Letters 1988-1989
ACGB/9/41 LOCB and Arts Council Clients for Devolution 1988-1989
ACGB/9/28 Music Offer Letters Guard File
See also ACGB/2.
ACGB/9/40 Music Projects and Awards: Improvised Music Touring 1988-1989
ACGB/9/89 Payment Requisitions 1988-1989
ACGB/9/11 Drama Touring Projects 1988-1991
ACGB/9/42 Guard File Jan 1989 - July 1989
ACGB/9/102 C[ontemporary] M[usic] N[etwork] 1988/89 1989
ACGB/9/88 Payment Requisitions 1989
ACGB/9/36 Application Lists with Offer Ltrs
See also ACGB/2 and ACGB/19.
ACGB/9/17 Asian Music Circuit File I of IIII 1989-1990
ACGB/9/18 Asian Music Circuit File II of IIII 1989-1990
ACGB/9/19 Asian Music Circuit File III of IIII 1989-1990
ACGB/9/20 Asian Music Circuit Payments File IV of IIII 1989-1990
ACGB/9/16 Asian Music Circuit Guard File 1989-1990
ACGB/9/152 Budgets: Music and Dance 1990/91 1989-1990
ACGB/9/78 Controllable Funds: Training 1989-1990
ACGB/9/141 Cultural Diversity Matrical Team 1989-1990
ACGB/9/129 Education - General 1989-1990
ACGB/9/147 Finance/General Account, Dance, Music, Touring, GMS 1989-1990
ACGB/9/1 Guard File General Correspondence 1989-1990
ACGB/9/5 Literature: Magazines Consultancies Magazines - Gen 1989-1990
ACGB/9/98 Mime 1989-1990
ACGB/9/99 Mime Projects Offer Letter Guard File
See also ACGB/2.
ACGB/9/6 Music Cash File 1989-1990
ACGB/9/29 Music Offer Letters Guard File
See also ACGB/2.
ACGB/9/139 Planning - General 1989-1990
ACGB/9/14 Subsidy Requisition Forms 1989-1990
ACGB/9/22 Asian/Caribbean Music Circuit 1989-1991
ACGB/9/23 ACA Touring Circuits 1989-1991
ACGB/9/117 Drama General 1989-1991
ACGB/9/7 Literature Finance I 1989-1991
ACGB/9/2 Literature Reports 1989-1991
ACGB/9/12 Subsidy Payment Requisitions 1989-1991
ACGB/9/63 Education 1989-1992
ACGB/9/58 Appraisal File
See also ACGB/23.
ACGB/9/76 Incentive Funding
See also ACGB/5.
ACGB/9/34 AMC General 1990
ACGB/9/144 1991/92 Budget Planning 1990
ACGB/9/146 1991/92 Budget: Music, Dance, Touring 1990
ACGB/9/65 The Contemporary Art Society 3 Year Plan 1990
ACGB/9/44 Paid Invoices [for Grant Administration Charge] 90/91 1990
ACGB/9/137 Planning - General 1990
ACGB/9/33 ACMC Tours 1990-1991
ACGB/9/31 African Touring Circuit 1990-1991
ACGB/9/143 1991/92 Budget etc (2) 1990-1991
ACGB/9/38 Cash File 1990-1991
ACGB/9/167 Controllable Funds 1991/92 1990-1991
ACGB/9/166 Controllable Funds and Virements 1990/91 1990-1991
ACGB/9/116 Controllable Funds: Film & Video 1990-1991
ACGB/9/127 Planning - Education Matrical Team 1990-1991
ACGB/9/9 Estimate Forms A-K (Music) 1990-1991
ACGB/9/8 Estimate Forms L-Z (Music) 1990-1991
ACGB/9/27 General File Corresp. 1990-1991
ACGB/9/61 Information File 1990-1991
ACGB/9/4 Invoices for GAC 1991/1992 1990-1991
ACGB/9/145 Literature Guard File 1990-1991
ACGB/9/24 Music Panel 1990-1991
ACGB/9/13 Purple Forms [Subsidy Recommendation Forms] 1990-1991
ACGB/9/25 Touring Advisory Board 1990-1991
ACGB/9/169 Training General 1990/91 1990-1991
ACGB/9/128 Planning - Education General 1990-1992
ACGB/9/55 Miscellaneous File E-Z 1990-1994
ACGB/9/133 Planning Subsidy - Guard File - Daily Correspondence Aug 1991 - Dec 1991
ACGB/9/150 Dance Client Requirements Survey 1991/92 1991
ACGB/9/113 Drama Projects Current File 91/92 1991
ACGB/9/26 Guard File (General Corresp.) 1991
ACGB/9/138 Multi-Disciplinary - General 1991
ACGB/9/171 Music Client Requirements Survey 1991/92 1991
ACGB/9/45 AMC Fees 1991-1992
ACGB/9/37 Cash File 1991-1992
ACGB/9/151 Controllable Funds and Virements for 1990/91 1991-1992
ACGB/9/66 Music C/F [Controllable Funds] 1991-1992
ACGB/9/35 Music Clients Estimates 1991-1992
ACGB/9/90 National Arts and Media Strategy A-Z 1991-1992
ACGB/9/30 Paula Fraser 1991-1992
ACGB/9/32 African Touring Circuit - BAUP 1991-1993
ACGB/9/91 Cash 1991-1994
ACGB/9/56 Miscellaneous File A-D 1991-1994
ACGB/9/64 Offer Record (Lyn's Old File) 1991-1996
ACGB/9/115 Controllable Funds: Cultural Diversity, Building, Women, Youth 1992
ACGB/9/168 Controllable Funds: Training 1991/92 1992
ACGB/9/156 Financial & Performance Profiles 1992/93 1992
ACGB/9/132 Planning Subsidy - Guard File - Daily Correspondence Jan 1992 - Jan 1993
ACGB/9/160 Controllable Funds: Combined Arts and Films 1992/93 1992-1993
ACGB/9/126 Cultural Diversity 1992-1993
ACGB/9/67 Education 1992-1993
ACGB/9/48 Management Accounts Music Touring Literature 1992-1993
ACGB/9/57 Marketing 1992-1993
ACGB/9/68 Music Clients: Proformas & Budgets 1992-1993
ACGB/9/69 Music Clients: Proformas & Budgets 1992-1993
ACGB/9/47 Music Touring Literature Cash File Annual/Revenue Clients 1992-1993
ACGB/9/60 Touring Clients: Proformas and Budgets 1992-1993
ACGB/9/59 Training Controllable Funds Statements 1992-1993
ACGB/9/70 Training Guard File 1992-1993
ACGB/9/71 Training Guard File 1992-1993
ACGB/9/135 Women in the Arts 1992-1993
ACGB/9/165 Visual Arts 1992-1994
ACGB/9/62 WIA Task Force 1993
ACGB/9/134 Women in Arts Symposium 1992/93 Notions of Equality 1993
ACGB/9/77 Cash File 1993-1994
ACGB/9/159 Controllable Funds: Combined Arts and Films 1993/94 1993-1994
ACGB/9/125 Cultural Diversity 1993-1994
ACGB/9/131 Disability 1993-1994
ACGB/9/79 Education 1993-1994
ACGB/9/72 Education 1993-1994
ACGB/9/100 Guard File Copies General Correspondence 1993-1994
ACGB/9/74 Literature Clients Proformas, Budgets, etc 1993-1994
ACGB/9/73 Literature Music Touring Budgets 1993-1994
ACGB/9/53 Music Clients: Proformas, Budgets, etc 1993-1994
ACGB/9/54 Music Clients: Proformas, Budgets, etc 1993-1994
ACGB/9/81 Music Touring Literature Cash File 1993-1994
ACGB/9/80 Payment Schedule 1993-1994
ACGB/9/75 Touring Clients, Proformas, Budgets, etc 1993-1994
ACGB/9/136 Women in the Arts 1993-1994
ACGB/9/83 Touring Old Balances 1993-1995
ACGB/9/51 Training Controllable Funds Statements 1993-1995
ACGB/9/52 Training Controllable Funds Statements 1993-1995
ACGB/9/82 Dance Old Balances 1993-1996
ACGB/9/86 FVB Old Balances 1993-1996
ACGB/9/84 Music Old Balances A-H 1993-1996
ACGB/9/85 Music Old Balances K-Z 1993-1996
ACGB/9/50 Music Budgets & Proformas 1994-1995
ACGB/9/49 Touring Budgets & Proformas 1994-1995
ACGB/9/87 Education and Training Old Balances 1995-1996