‘Brilliant’ was an important exhibition that helped establish the young British artists in a vitally important market, the USA.

This catalogue was produced for the travelling exhibition that opened at the Walker Art Center on 22 October 1995 and closed on 7 January 1996 at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston. Many commentators made connections with an earlier exhibition, ‘London: The New Scene’, that took place at the Walker in 1965. Like that exhibition ‘Brilliant’ happened at a time of great international interest in British art. The catalogue sought to highlight the supposedly oppositional stance taken by the artists in relation to the gallery system. To reinforce this marketing of the group as anti-establishment, the catalogue was designed and produced in a peculiar format; somewhere between a newspaper and a punk fanzine.


Heal's Cretonnes and taffetas sample sheet
Bezette Stad
Pictures of East Anglian life
St. Denis Missal
Mirror book
The art of the book