Healís Cretonnes and taffetas sample sheet


A sample sheet of fabrics created by the designers M. Read and H.J. Bull and manufactured by the firms Allan Walton and Turnbull Stockdale. These fabrics were in stock at Healís between 1938 and 1942. Cretonne was originally a hemp and linen weave material from the town of Creton in Normandy. In the 1920ís it had become fashionable as a medium weight cotton furniture fabric. Taffeta was a luxury fabric, traditionally made of silk, light-weight for linings, heavyweight for curtains and seat covers. Although Healís always maintained a range of traditional floral and plain furnishing fabrics, they also stocked the latest designs from the most up-to-date designers. Thus the bold geometric patterns and colours fashionable in the 1930ís, as in this sample sheet, often appeared next to designs for chintzes.

[The sample sheet shown here is different to that exhibited, although both are from the same sample book]



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