Tex is an extremely popular and the longest running Italian comic book. It was first published in September 1948, with a script by Gianluigi Bonelli and illustrations by Galep (pseudonym of Aurelio Galleppini). Tex is an outlaw who later becomes a Texas Ranger, Indian Agent and Chief of the Navajos. In his adventures he is flanked by three pards: his son Kit, Tiger Jack, a fearless Navajo warrior, and Kit Carson (the historical figure, although romanticised). Characters and stories were heavily influenced by Hollywood Western mythology. Gianluigi Bonelli wrote every story until 1976, when his son Sergio began sharing the task. In 1983 Claudio Nizzi became the main writer. Galep drew most of the comics until the mid-1940s, when artists like Guglielmo Letteri, Fernando Fusco and Giovanni Ticci began to take over.




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