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The World at Your Feet: A History of Carpets

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    Seminar Room One, Sackler Centre

COURSE: Step into the fascinating world of carpets and learn how they have been designed, woven, used and traded for centuries. Wednesdays, 28 September – 7 December 2011 (Half term: 26 October 2011), 14.00–16.30

Long established as indicators of wealth and good taste, carpets have furnished the most imposing to the most humble dwellings, from palaces and places of worship to terraced houses and tents, and they have even been buried with the dead. Displayed in great museums and sold in department stores, they can be both everyday and luxury items. Focus in depth on carpets in the five major groups – Turkish, Caucasian, Persian, Turkman and European – and join Bruce Lepere, Head of Liberty’s Carpet Department, for an exclusive insight into the modern carpet market and contemporary design trends.

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