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High Renaissance to Baroque 1500-1720 13/14

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    Seminar Room Three

YEAR COURSE: Study the art, architecture and decorative arts of Europe from the High Renaissance to Baroque, focussing on Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands and England. Wednesdays, 18 September 2013 - 9 July 2014 (over 3 terms), 11.10-15.30

During this period the Renaissance filtered through from Italy, affecting all the arts. The invention of printing meant that books and prints reached a new and wider audience, and quickly popularised new styles. Examine the changes in patronage, with the rise of a prosperous middle class wanting portraits and genre paintings as well as consumer goods such as maiolica and textiles. It considers the effect of wars and economic policies on the production of art, metalwork and furniture, and the influence of trading voyages on imports of luxury goods from the East.

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Course Director: Dr Richard Williams

£1,700 per year, £1,300 concessions
£630 per term, £470 concessions
£58 per day, £43 concessions

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