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The Islamic Mediterranean:1000-1500

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    Seminar Room One, Sackler Centre

6 WEEK SHORT COURSE: Between 1000 and 1500 AD, the Mediterranean was encircled by Islamic states. Explore the wealth of artistic production and how it circulated across the Islamic Mediterranean.

This was a time of great artistic creativity in the Islamic world and the waters of the Mediterranean facilitated contact through travel and trade, creating an unprecedented period of crosscultural interaction between the three faiths of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Luxury objects made in Islamic lands – such as ivory, rock crystal, lustre ceramics, inlaid metalwork, and enamelled glass – circulated within this space, carried by Christian or Jewish merchants, and finding new homes in European contexts. Islamic architecture influenced the form and decoration of buildings constructed by the Normans in Sicily and southern Italy, and the Crusader states in the eastern Mediterranean.

Course Leaders: Helen Glaister and Mariam Rosser-Owen

6 weeks, Wednesdays, 30 April – 11 June 2014
(Half Term: 28 May 2014), 11.00–15.00
£300, £255 concessions

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