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The Dinner Party / True-to-Life Design by Scholten & Baijings

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    Norfolk House Music Room

DISPLAY: In galleries and museums, design objects are frequently displayed on pedestals or in glass vitrines but rarely in something resembling the everyday living environment for which they were conceived.

The Norfolk House Music Room in the British Galleries provides a theatrical backdrop for Scholten & Baijings’ ‘The Dinner Party’, where visitors are invited to interrupt a dinner party in session. This seemingly lived-in but recently deserted ‘stage set’ creates a more natural and adventurous way of viewing designed objects, particularly glassware, ceramics, polished steel, textile, furniture and carpets.

The sharp contrast of the contemporary tableware, all designed by the Dutch studio Scholten & Baijings, against the historic French-styled panelled interiors leads a visitor to ponder what may once have taken place in this room. As well as being used for music, the Norfolk House Music Room was also used by the original household for card games and general social intercourse before the V&A acquired it after Norfolk House’s 1938 demolition.

Part of London Design Festival 2013

Past Event

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