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Trajan 1900

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    Special Events
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    Sculpture, Room 111

SPECIAL EVENT: Celebrate the 1900th anniversary of Trajan's column by viewing a short film about the history of the column narrated by broadcaster Dan Snow, and a specially commissioned light and sound projection created by Romanian artists Dreamrec and Rochite.

1900 years ago the Roman Emperor Trajan dedicated a monumental column at the heart of Rome, where it still stands in commemoration of the Emperors conquest of the land of Dacia, known today as Romania. The Romanian Cultural Institute and the V&A are launching Trajan 1900, a programme of events in celebration of the 1900 years from the dedication of the column; a culturally significant monument for Romanian history and identity. This year also marks the 140th anniversary of the opening of the V&A's Casts Court, purposely built to host an impressive plaster cast of Trajan's Column.

Friday 6 December and
Friday 17 January


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