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Baroque and Later Ivories in the V&A

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    Sculpture, Room 111

DISPLAY: This is a display of a number of sculptures from the outstanding collection of baroque and later ivories in the V&A, including German, Austrian, Netherlandish, French, British and Hispanic works.

A range of objects will be seen: portrait busts, tankards, statuettes, and devotional reliefs. Carved and turned ivories were highly treasured items throughout the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. They might render dramatic mythological scenes, present exquisitely carved portrait likenesses on a small scale, or depict religious narratives. This small exhibition celebrates the recent publication of a catalogue of these ivories at the V&A.

Displays complement our permanent collections; there are many free temporary displays around the V&A. They range in size from a single case to a room.

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