This Time in History: What Escapes, by Rose Frain (WWI)

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    National Art Library Landing

DISPLAY: The above dates have changed to 9 July 2014 - 1 February 2015.

As a contribution to the V&A’s centenary reflections on the outbreak of war, the distinguished artist Rose Frain creates an installation for the National Art Library. A selection of objects from the V&A’s collections is juxtaposed with her new original pieces, including an artist’s book created for the occasion.
The memory of 1914 and WW1 focuses other memories and experiences of conflict, from ancient Mesopotamia to contemporary Afghanistan. 2014 also being the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth, his voice is cited, speaking directly to the present moment.

Displays complement our permanent collections. There are many free temporary displays around the V&A. They range in size from a single case to a room.

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Image credit: Blood Tin © Rose Frain

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