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Arts of South and Southeast Asia and the Islamic Middle East. 14/15

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YEAR COURSE: Discover the art and archaeology of Asia, from the Himalayas and the Indian Subcontinent to the island nations of Southeast Asia.

The origins of the ancient religions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism will be explored and their subsequent impact across the region. Temple architecture and sculpture, paintings and manuscripts give an insight to ritual practice and belief in different settings. Artistic innovations in ceramics, textiles, metalwork and lacquer display distinct regional characteristics as well as shared features transmitted through cultural exchange and commerce. The advent of Islam across the Middle East and later to the Mughal courts of India and Southeast Asia introduced a new set of artistic stimuli. Islamic art will be examined in religious and secular contexts in a range of media up to the modern period. Finally, the impact of trade, diplomacy and colonialism will be explored, and the lasting artistic legacy of social and political developments which shaped the early modern era.

Course Director: Helen Glaister

Mondays, 22 September 2014 – 6 July 2015, (three terms), 11.10-15.30

£730 per term, £550 concessions
£60 per day, £45 concessions

Spring day tickets and summer term tickets are available via the bookings office +44 (0)20 7942 2211, 9.00-17.30, Monday - Friday (closed Bank Holidays).

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