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The Shock of the New: The History of the Avant-Garde in Art and Design

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10 WEEK COURSE: Originally used to describe the vanguard of an advancing army, the term Avant-Garde now defines a group of artists or writers whose work is innovative and ahead of its time.

It is most often associated with figures such as Picasso, Duchamp and Dali, the pioneers of Cubism and Dada, who not only developed revolutionary approaches to art, but who were also strongly anti-establishment. Today, however, the term has become ubiquitous and virtually anyone, from pop-stars to hair-dressers can be described as avantgarde.

This course investigates the origins and history of the principal movements and individuals associated with the avant-garde. From Impressionism to Surrealism, Modernism to Abstract Expressionism and Futurism to Conceptual Art, it examines key works and ideas in art, design and architecture. It also includes the work of the Russian constructivists in theatre and film to coincide with the V&A’s major display Russian Avant-Garde Theatre: War Revolution and Design.


£365, £300 concessions

10 weeks, Tuesdays, 13 January – 24 March 2015
(Half term: 17 February)

Various tutors including Justine Hopkins, freelance lecturer and writer, and Sylvia Lahav, lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London

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