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Travel in Style: Art Deco Ocean Liners, Grand Victorian Hotels and Edwardian Trains

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EIGHT WEEK COURSE: Rapidly advancing technology has enabled us to reach ever more places across the planet at high speeds and in greater comfort and safety. Whether for work or pleasure the experience of getting from A to B is of more interest than ever.

Explore two centuries of travelling in its complexity and variety. The course is organised around three themes, water, land and air, with an additional session devoted to personal transportation. Study a wide range of vehicles, from the thrilling pomp of the Pullman car and the glamorous but formidable world of the ocean liner to the confining tubular space of the airliner fuselage. Chart the evolving design of these and other transportation types against the backdrop of international politics, economics and style.

Consider too the innovative hotels, terminals and other transport architecture that provided the infrastructure for great vehicles and vessels throughout our age of expanding mass travel, along the way examining such issues as changing tastes, new patterns of leisure, and evolving notions of comfort. Learn how pioneers and entrepreneurs employed science and art in buildings, vehicles, vessels, and even fashion to enhance and to rationalise the traveller’s experience.


8 weeks, Wednesdays, 29 April – 24 June 2015
(Half term: 27 May)

£295, £250 concessions

Course Leader: Dr Gregory Votolato, architect, curator, teacher and writer

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