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The Dutch Golden Age: 17th Century Art and Design

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10 WEEK COURSE: This course explores Dutch art and society in the Golden Age – the time of Vermeer, Hals and Rembrandt.

This young Dutch Republic emerged as a global power during the Eighty Years War with Spain. The Dutch East India Company (VOC) was founded in 1602, followed by the West India Company (WIC) in 1621. Global trade brought unprecedented riches to local merchants whose portraits show them in all their finery, often in lavish domestic settings. It also brought a wealth of exotic imports to the country, which we find back in interior genre scenes painted by De Hooch, Metsu and Steen. Imported porcelain inspired the development of local tin-glazed pottery known as Delftware, while the design of oriental ceramics was in turn influenced by European taste.

In a period also noted for its sculpture, tapestries and carved tables, this course investigates the artists and practitioners associated with this great cultural flowering.


10 Weeks, Thursdays, 16 April – 25 June 2015
(Half term: 28 May)

£530, £450 concessions

Course Leader: Dr Sophie Oosterwijk, FSA

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