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Animal Alphabet

Animal Alphabet

My Illustrations were created for an animal-themed alphabet book. For the Dozens of Dogs image I wanted to make it look like all the dogs were posing for a photograph and yet if you look closely you can see they are not all paying attention. There is also a little intruder in there! I was keen to properly research and represent different breeds of dog so that it would be fun for people to pick them out. I have used a lot of texture and pattern to make the illustration unique and contemporary.

The Hiding Hippo illustration also contains and Incredible Insect and a Jungle Jaguar. I chose the colours very carefully to give the impression of a night time jungle scene and paid close attention to the features and expressions of the hippo and insect so that the hippo looks friendly but a little shy and the insect confident and proud. Again I used a lot of pattern and texture to give the illustration added originality.

Both of my illustrations started as pencil drawings which I then scanned in to the computer. I coloured them using Adobe Photoshop and lots of different scanned-in textures which I manipulated to get the right colours and effects.

Alphabet Book Dozens of Dogs
Hippo Leopard Jungle Insect Night