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'Disgrace' J.M Coetzee

'Disgrace' J.M Coetzee

Disgrace by J.M Coetzee.

The narrative is set in post apartheid South Africa and centres around the complex character of 'David Lurie'.
Lurie, a university lecturer who's affair with one of his students starts a sequence of events that make him question his own personal beliefs and forces him to come to terms with a changing society. Disgrace won the booker prize in 1999.

The illustrations I've included here are three of the nine illustration commissioned including a front cover.

The attack on Lurie image involves an attack by intruders on the main protagonist 'David Lurie' at his daughters home. After being covered in methylated spirits, Lurie is pushed back on to the floor of the lavatory where he is been kept captive. The attacker then strikes a match and sets him alight before locking the door behind him.

Within the Incinerator image Lurie is physically and mentally scarred, wrestling with the changes going on around him he volunteers at a local vets. Lurie become emotionally attached to the abandoned dogs at the surgery and starts to take it upon himself to bring as much dignity as possible with regards to disposing of the dogs corpses at the local incinerator.

In Lurie's revenge? The boy, Pollux (one of the original gang of attacker's) is caught by Lurie looking into Lucy’s house. Lurie stops him and is caught in the throws of potential revenge just before Lucy (his daughter) realises what’s going on and appears on the scene. The Balance of power is transferred to Lurie within this final image, victim to attacker interpreted using the outline which also adorns the book cover and the image in which Lurie is attacked.

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'Disgrace' J.M Coetzee
'Disgrace' J.M Coetzee
'Disgrace' J.M Coetzee