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Muncle Trogg

Muncle Trogg

Muncle Trogg is a children's book written by author Janet Foxley with Illutrations by Steve Wells.

Muncle Trogg, a young giant (and the book's eponymous hero), is laughed at for being so small that he’s human-sized. Muncle often wonders about the humans he’s meant to look like and one day he runs away from Mount Grumble to see for himself.

There he makes friends with an escaped dragon called Snarg and meets a little girl called Emily. Soon he realises that humans may be small but they’re far from stupid. When Emily reveals that Mount Grumble is in fact a live volcano, with the giants living on top, Muncle must do something to save his home and his people.

Steve Wells's extraordinary illustrations have brought the book to life and have contributed to its huge success in being sold to more than 30 countries, with a major movie deal struck with Sony Pictures Animation.

Muncle Trogg Interior Illustration Main
Muncle Trogg Interior Illustration 2
Muncle Trogg Interior Illustration 3