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The Playboy Principle

The Playboy Principle

Commisioned by ACP Magazines for the opinion column in Men's Style Magazine. As well as illustrating the brief, I was asked to incorporate the text box into the illustration.

Back in 1970 things were different. This illustration for Men’s Style was for the Opinion Column. Michael Stahl discusses how the “Player” has changed since his stereotypical image, originally cast in 1953 by Hugh Hefner and Ian Fleming, embodying Aston Martins, cocktails, electronic drapes and a harem of ready blondes. Confidence has always been the foundation of the “Alpha Male”, back in the 70′s confidence was a kind of boorishness, now we understand powerful men can demonstrate their power by asserting their feelings.

The illustration uses references from the article about Arnie fathering a child with his nanny and a quote from Ethan Hawke, when a reporter likened his situation to Jude Law's (both men left their partners for the nanny) Ethan Hawke said, “I liken my situation to the sound of music!”

The idea for the illustration was to have a robust looking gent in his playboy dressing gown, with Martini in hand. On one side of the gown are all the images of the stereotypical playboy. On the other the more modern view. I particular liked Hawke’s Quote about the nanny!


The playboy principle illusttration for men's style