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The Tightly Woven Strands of Reality

The Tightly Woven Strands of Reality

This piece was produced to accompany a stunning poem on the theme of childhood by Lorna Burchell, written specially for the magazine. The poem beautifully describes the uncanny ability of kids to swiftly unravel the logic of adults, using woven thread as a metaphor for the reasoning and reality of adults, that can sometimes be unpicked with astonishing ease.

Poem by Lorna Burchell

Fey child,
(old soul’s smile)
trusts in you, needs you to
indulge her; divulge to her
how it is that
all this
can hang

together on such
precarious logic.

Tiny tongue,
with a tiny word has
undone all your reasoning
hard won; the tightly woven
strands of reality,
by one
come undone.

She holds the threads
ransom in her empty hands.

Image: The Tightly Woven Strands of Reality by James Majowski