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Uncanny magazine no.3

Uncanny magazine no.3

Illustrations for the English Touring Opera autumn booklet and their 3 operas: Flavio, Xerxes and The Fairy Queen. Following this illustration project, a magazine was produced in order to document the illustration process used in this commission.

The aim of this publication is to archive and document an essentially visual account of ‘publication as process’. The idea of making several publications during the illustration process is a way of creating a platform for critical awareness. Not only does it generate space for discussion with other people, but promotes a big variety of solutions and alternatives to the work being produced, thus increasing the possibility of making a more considered and reflected decision through the act of publishing.

Issue 3 of Uncanny Magazine is divided into two sections: 1) a reproduction of a publication produced as part of the image-making process for an illustration project for the English Touring Opera, in its original size and form; 2) a selection of 11 of the 23 publications produced whilst making illustrations for the aforementioned design project.


English Touring Opera 2011 booklet with illustrations:

Uncanny Magazine 3:

Illustration for Flavio (Handel) - handmade collage
ETO 2011 booklet spread
Uncanny Magazine 3 – Publication as Process