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Ashton Springer Illustrations

Ashton Springer Illustrations


My name is Ashton Springer and i'm currently studying Graphic design and illustration - pathway illustration - at the University of Hertfordshire.

The main Illustration on this page, derived from a workshop set by my tutors. The workshop brief asked us as Illustrators to interpret a plain boring plastic cup, and transform it into something pleasing on the eye. We where allowed to tackle this brief as we liked, so i approach it from an abstract angle choosing to portray exactly what a plastic cup isn't. A plastic cup is usually associated with words like boring, plain, rigid etc,
so i chose to portray it as fluent, lively, alive and detailed.

the second two Illustrations where taken from a project set by my University tutors called 'Escalating Tales'
What this project asked us Illustrators to do, was to produce a short 12 frame story that could be viewed on the underground escalator advertising boards. We also had to pick a proverb to base our stories on. The proverb i picked was 'the grass is always greener'

My short story was a simple one. It was about a character wanting an apple from the tree, but due to his size, he could not reach it. He finds a 'magic mushroom' which he then consumes. He grows and grows and grows just as he is tall enough to grab the apple it falls due to it being autumn.

Check out the fall sequence at my website.

p.s All my artwork is drawn with a pen and scanned in where i use any kind of texture i can find for colour.

Cheers big ears.

Interpretation of a plastic cup
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