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The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories

The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories

This is a piece inspired by The Bloody Chamber and Other stories by Angela Carter. It is a large mixed media illustration consisting of collage, ink, paint and pencil.

The Bloody Chamber is a story about a girl who leaves her mother to go and marry a rich Marquis. The girl is excited about becoming a married woman but apprehensive at the same time. Soon things take a dark turn and the girl falls victim to sexual exploitation at the hands of the Marquis. She feels vulnerable and alone, but stays loyal to her husband and remains with him. Soon the Marquis has to take a trip away. He hands the girl the keys to all the rooms in his palace, but instructs her never to use one of them. Of course, as soon as the Marquis has left the girl grows curious and goes looking for the forbidden room. What she finds there horrifies her.

This illustration depicts the eventual downfall of the Marquis. I like how Angela Carter uses lillies as a symbol of innocence and death. I enjoy utilising tools such as symbolism within my illustration practice, as it encourages the viewer to draw upon their own knowledge and consider multiple possible meanings. This is the reason for the flowers that cover the eyes of the figure I have illustrated.

The other two illustrations I have submitted are for other stories in the book. The first is Puss In Boots and the second is The Company Of Wolves.

A mixed media illustration of the Marquis in The Bloody Chamber
The Company Of Wolves. Angela Carter.
Puss In Boots. Angela Carter.