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Derek - The Man in My Loft

Derek - The Man in My Loft

Illustration brief from the course:
What scares you? Spiders? Rats? Enclosed Spaces? Heights? Things that go bump in the night?
Make a series of illustrations not more than A5 each (and much smaller if you wish) to convey a growing sense of unease and increasing terror. Remember phobia is not rational.
Format. A bound book of ten or more illustrations. B/W.

The Story:
I live at the very top of a tall block of flats. All that is above me is a cold old dusty loft.
When I’m lying in bed at night I can see a tiny hole in the ceiling above my bed and I’m sure there is an eye looking through the hole down at me.
I can also hear banging above me at night, like someone is dancing up there in the loft. I’ve stored some of my junk up there, all packed away in boxes and stored alphabetically, but when I go up there again I find the boxes have been opened and rearranged. So I’ve come to a conclusion…

I have a man in my loft. I like to call him Derek.
Derek is a big man and he crouches painfully in the tiny corners of the loft
I lie in my bed and think of Derek
Sleeping on the insulation foam
Drinking from the hot water tank
Eating the dust and bugs to survive
But, I think to myself, what if Derek were to come down from the loft to live with me in my flat?
What then?
Well, I’ll sit him on the sofa in front of the TV and I’ll feed him up on hotdogs and burgers and mash and beans and cherries and cupcakes and stawberries and gateaux.
I’ll feed him till he is big and fat, till he’s enormous!
Then I’ll squeeze him into the tiny gap underneath my bed
So I can hear him squeal whenever I go to bed at night.

"I'll squeeze him into the tiny gap underneath my bed"
Cover for the ten page book
"I can hear banging above me at night, like someone is dancing up there"